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Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
pumped millions of dollars into the senate race. scott brown, the incumbent, the republican who won with his truck for last time around. elizabeth warren has come in with a lot of money and some enthusiasm, may be riding the coattails of a democratic presidential candidate who has won in the state of massachusetts tonight. elizabeth warren leading, but with only 5% of precincts reporting, it is to close to call. joining us from chicago, president obama's senior campaign adviser, robert gibbs. nice to see you. i am looking at florida. in the early voting, your winning by 4%, were last time, you were trailing by 6. the state of virginia is still a struggle. ohio still in play. how are you feeling in chicago? >> we feel great so far. i will say this about florida -- we did great in early voting. understand we had a lot fewer days of early voting this time. folks that might have been able to go to the polls and too early voting will end up being the ones that are standing in line right now. i want to say this -- let the record clearly reflect that liz cheney agree on this -- stay in lin
Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm PST
by governor brown. right now the yes is leading 48% to 52% for the no here on proposition 30. the competing tax plan, prop 38 would raise income taxes for all taxpayers on a sliding scale. with revenues going to public schools right now. right now yes has only 25% and no 75%. >> we'll be airing an expanded 10:00 news tonight. you can look for the latest election results any time on our website >>> right now we send you back to fox election coverage. president obama wins reelection. >>> i've been talking, including tonight they were still convinced they were going to win this thing. >> why? because they were convinced that the models. >> their model is a different model. obviously i assume they thought. >> their nation is a different nation. they're convinced that african americans are going to vote in smaller numbers, that women are going to vote in smaller number? what would convince them of this thing, this is america. >> i think they were looking at a formula to get through. they didn't get through it. once again i think there's also the ability to underestimate your
Nov 6, 2012 7:00pm EST
fact, mitt romney was there today. and our steve brown is there as well live in columbus with more on this enormous battleground. what's the mood, steve? >> well, the polls have closed but voting continues. it is a situation around the ohio state university campus that we're aware of now that if you are in line as the polls close you still get a chance to vote. they will let whoever was in the line part of the 7:30 vote. we started receiving reports that there was a line of over 700 nero -- near ohio state university and one person said it is more like 200. the governor said he was on his way out there to keep folks entertained and keep them company to keep them in line. in this state there is no such thing as extra votes. karl alluded to this a few minutes ago there will be an earlier indicator how this state goes. folks who were veteran political watchers in the state say about 45 minutes in, about 8:15 because the early votes are the ones that get counted and because the obama campaign has made it so central to the campaign strategy that should give them an idea how many votes or w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3